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Monday, 25 March 2013

Mini-Animania Sydney 2013

Hi everyone it's Xebs with photos and a video of Cosplayers at Mini-Animania Sydney (Australia) 2013 on Saturday. I personally had a great time buying things, looking at things, eating food at the Maid Cafe, which was OK and taking quite a few photos of Cosplayers. Next time I'll personally do Video interviews with Cosplayers, Cosplay and to explore what is in-store at the next "Big" Animania Sydney (Australia) 2013. Also, don't for get to SUBSCRIBE to "Kingdom Hearts #1 Fan, Please!" for the latest news about Kingdom Hearts, Square-Enix, Disney and Other fun events and merchandise.
(Please note, the Channel has NOT started yet... it will begin on April 23rd 2013)

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