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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]


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(iOS and Android).
Kingdom Hearts χ (キングダム ハーツ キー Kingudamu Hātsu Kī?), stylised as Kingdom Hearts χ[chi], is a Japanese role-playing browser game developed by SQUARE-ENIX and Success Corporation and published by SQUARE-ENIX for web browsers. Gameplay involves players navigating a customised avatar through Disney-inspired worlds fighting enemies, along with taking down bosses in multiplayer matches in competition with other teams. A version of the game for mobile devices, Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, was released in Japan on September 3rd, 2015 and North America, Europian and Australian in 2016. The game is available to download now on iOS and Android devices.

In April 2017, Unchained χ was rebranded as Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].


Kingdom Hearts χ is set before the legendary Keyblade War, when disputes between Keyblade wielders over the Light that created the world sparked a war between Light and Darkness, triggering a calamity that created the present-day layout of the Kingdom Hearts world. Prior to the war, an unnamed Keyblade Master bestowed a book called the Tome of Prophecy to five of his six apprentices before disappearing. The Tome has the ability to predict and even manifest objects and people from the future. The five apprentices learned to a prophecy foretelling the world falling to Darkness and the Light being destroyed. In order to prevent this, each of the apprentices decided to attempt to prevent the prophecy from coming true. As part of their efforts, they used the Tome to manifest powerful warriors from the future as the Fragments. Each eventually begins hoarding pieces of Light, called Lux, from the monsters known as Heartless, and each creates their own factions themed around their individual animal icon: Ursus, Anguis, Unicornus, Leopardus, and Vulpes. The player character, a newly awakened Keyblade Wielder, chooses to support one of the factions and works to ensure the chosen faction's supremacy. The story will lead into the beginning of the Keyblade War.
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