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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

NEW! Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, III & KHχ in Famitsu!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, Famitsu Weekly has quoted Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura about the upcoming HD 2.5 ReMIX, Kingdom Hearts III & KHχ [chi]. For more information, click down below and also check out the HD Images down below:

Game Information:

Final Mix version as base, plus Japanese voices.
Re:Coded has been fully remade as a movie, with new scenes.


 Famitsu Weekly -

-KH2.5 was created by the same team as 1.5, the Osaka Team. However, as the HD-ifying process had already been established, it went a lot more smoothly than 1.5 did.

-A release time frame is in sight but they still aren't at a stage where they can announce a date.

-They didn't have to change as much this time as they did for KH1.5, but the volume was equivalent.

-Re:Coded isn't as long as 358/2 days, and most of the main story was already in cutscene form, which means they are applying new cutscenes to things that happened in Disney Worlds. Those require new voicing work, and last week they carried out the voice recording for Alice's world-

-They are also adding battle scenes and a just little more to the scenario.

- There's a scene connecting from Re:Coded to KH3D- The reason for the HD remasters is to recap the story that leads to KH3, and since a) it's sad to think of just one title getting left out of being in HD and b) KH3D is a vital part in laying out KHIII, he knows he has to think of something.


- He is currently being conscious of putting in mysteries and twists for the story. There's an episode of KHχ added that begins with a simple conversation with Chirithy, but then another Chirithy appears in the scene.

- The Guilt System had the working title of 'Orb', but they changed it. Perhaps you could expand on imagining collecting the sins (guilt) of the Heartless.

-There is a natural predetermined meshing if he writes the scenarios himself, but as the goal approaches, he is becoming less convinced of that answer. He's exploring solutions to the question of how to surprise himself.

- He thinks the KHχ scenario will actually be a surprise. An episode dedicated to the Foretellers will reveal, written in a tome of prophecy, events that are to happen in the future.

- The last passage in the tome of prophecy is something shocking that connects to KH3.

- As KHχ is online, it is by nature difficult to establish an ending to the story, but he has thought of a tentative conclusion. He's also currently thinking of online components for KH3, so he's hoping he can link them nicely, but he still doesn't knowKINGDOM HEARTS III.

- He was happy that the KH3 promo released in October had such a massive reception, but there is still way way not enough on the development side.

- 'Attraction Flow', which allows the selection of techniques that respond to enemies and locations, has techniques particularly rich in individuality during boss battles. It's one of the core gameplay elements of KH3, evolved from KH3D's Flowmotion.

- Other than the gun form, there are some out-of-this-world transformations for the Keyblade. When the staff told me it would become a [redacted] I burst out laughing.

- I hope to use all sorts of gimmicks on the suggestion of the planning department- KH3 and KH2.5 are both by the Osaka Team; they are being worked on side by side.

- Nomura is currently rewriting the scenario for KH3.

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