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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Secret Design Document For Kingdom Hearts!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, A special thanks to Photobucket user Nathan McMahon and KHinsider, it's finally revealed that Pixar's Toy Story was going to be included in the first Kingdom Hearts game.

The document obtained by Nathan McMahon, was given to the Disney staff for proposal purposes in the early development days of Kingdom Hearts, just so they can get an idea on want was install. Other Images show was that Alice from Alice in Wonderland, had a "Dive into the Heart" station, but was replaced by another station. Also you may have spotted this, but it looks like they were going to call the game Kingdom "of" Hearts... or maybe it was just a typo? LOL!

I personally just love seeing documents like this... and I hope to see more when they come to surface.

What do you guys think? Write your comments down below on want interests you in this document.





(As you can see Andy's house stands on top 
between Pizza Planet's rocket and 
Al's Toy Barn on bottom of this

(Alice's Dive into the Heart station)



(Cool concept art)

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