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Monday, 9 July 2018

REVIEW! Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - Sydney Australia!

Hi everyone, it's Xebs, on the 7th of July, at the Sydney Opera House. I went to go see something that I been waiting for a very long time. After the push from Australian fans, Disney Concerts and other organisers finally brought the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - to Australia.

Venue - Having this wonderful concert at the Sydney Opera House was an overwhelming joy. The crowds of fans were great, the staffs and security were also wonderful. 

However, the small bit of criticism I must say was that there were not many posters or digital sides for the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra outside the Opera House. I know it's a bit nitpicky, but it would have been nice to see more advertisements.

As for the concert hall, as always the hall is magnificent with great seating and vantage points. (100 times better than the ICC at Darling Habour).

Merchandise - The merchandise was very expensive, reasons may be due to importation costs or legal costs (We here in Australia DO NOT have mutuality with SQUARE-ENIX or in some cases with Disney). Overall, I bought one of each item and I'm very happy with them.

Austrailan prices from the
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - Sydney.

Performance - Now, I gonna spoil a few things, but they are not manger spoilers. The performance starts with the Metropolitan Sydney Orchestra and choir setting them selfs up. After, Yoko Shimomura, the composer of the Kingdom Hearts series welcomes the audience alongside an English speaking interpreter. After Shimomura finishes her speech, the orchestra begins playing the first song "Hikari".

Music - Man, the moment when I heard "Hikari", my face was covered in tears. That moment in the whole concert I realised that this performance was going to be special.

There were a few songs that made me get the chills down my spine and really teary. They were: "Hikari", "Destati", "Treasured Memories, The World of KINGDOM HEARTS", "Heroes and Heroines: Characters' Medley" (especially Xion's theme), "Passion" and "Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra".

After the "Let Darkness Assemble: Final Boss Battle Medley" song, Yoko Shimomura made an appearance and spoke to the audience that for the second last song, she would be playing the piano "Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra" with the Metropolitan Orchestra.

After that, another appearance by Yoko Shimomura. She addressed to the fans that they will have an exclusive performance of the Toy Story theme song and battle song from Kingdom Hearts III. Which I have to say was brilliant to end the night.

After the song, I stood up and gave them a standing ovation. It was that good.

Meet and Greet - For the meet and greet I paid an arm and a leg to get the best of the best ticket ($299 AUD) to meet Yoko Shimomura, which was an honour to coincide with a great and talented musician.

Me (Xebs) with Yoko Shimomura.

Overall - This has got to be one of the best orchestras I've ever been to in a long time. The atmosphere was great, saw quite a few cosplayers around and basically, everyone having a good time. I personally do hope that they do come back very soon. Fingers crossed.


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