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Saturday, 1 March 2014

NEW! Lightning Returns DLC Grab Outfits (...But Is It Worth It?)

Hi everyone Xebs, the new garb outfits for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is in the form of downloadable content. Available through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, the Ultimate Savior, Moogle Lover, and Divine The sets of garb outfits can be purchased for $3.99 USD each or $9.99 USD, but for Australians we have to pay $5.99 AUD for all the outfits, which is a total of $17.99 dollars. WHAT THE HELL! Maybe when the games DLC gets a little bit cheaper I'll get it, maybe or maybe not?

Also, a Japanese voice pack which was previously free for the 2 weeks of post-launch, is now available for $3.99 USD ($5.99 AUD). SQUARE-ENIX is also "apparently" unlocking new garb outfits for free via the game’s Outerworld service. By talking to the Outerworld NPC labeled with @LRFF13 to unlock the Helter Skelter garb in the Rewards Barter Shop. The Duelist garb will be unlocked when the number of Outerworld submissions hits 250,000.

Ultimate Savior ($3.99 USD) ($5.99 AUD)
Celestial Body, Excalibur, Aegis Shield, Tiara of the Goddess 

Moogle Lover ($3.99 USD) ($5.99 AUD)
Moogle Queen, Mog’s Staff, Mog’s Shield, Moogle Hat

Divine Wear ($3.99 USD) ($5.99 AUD)
Cosmocrator, Crocea Mors, Abyss Gate, Deathless Mask

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