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Friday, 28 February 2014

Final Fantasy XV & Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Lineup!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, The PlayStation 4 finally launches this month in Japan, and the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation included Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 in their line up of “coming soon” titles. Thanks to they translated the comments from Shinji Hashimoto, who is currently working on both titles.
Dengeki PlayStation - What do you find appealing about the PS4’s aspects?

Shinji Hashimoto - The 8GB memory is great. It’s 16 times that of the PS3. As a next gen console with a x86-64 AMD CPU and high spec 8 cores processor, I am sure it’s capable of doing a variety of things. Not only does it have a high polygon number count, I think the PS4’s hardware gives it the potential to do various productions, including effects. The graphics display is also in full HD (1920×1080), so I’m excited for the evolution of our visual productions.

Our characteristic CG movie style characters coming to life in real time will be something to see. Also, I think that the PS4 offers an appealing development environment. Thanks to the AMD chip, we can produce titles that closely resemble how they appear in their PC development environment.It’s evolving the player’s portability as well. I’m especially looking forward to corresponding with the PS Vita as a second screen. Both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III will be next gen titles and we’re aiming to evolve them rapidly.

Finally I think that the PS4’s starting price is particularly appealing. I want to play with the real thing already. Personally, I like the PS4 console’s design, and I’m looking forward to putting little things on top of it’s smooth surface.

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