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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is Etiquette Dead?

Dear Disney fans, I ask you a question. Is etiquette dead?

In the past fortnight I saw The Lion King Broadway Musical and the new Marvel film, Captain America The Winter Soldier.

Captain America was an $8 movie ticket. The Lion King? $100.

Captain America was as good a movie as it could be for the Avenger's least interesting superhero. A superhero action spy thriller, leaning away from its more fantasy counterparts. Of course, I might have liked it more if the experience hadn't been ruined for me.
Behind me and to my left sitting in the corner of the cinema filling three rows were mothers and their children. The mothers talked throughout the movie, the children ran up and down the stairs to whisper too each other, evidently not old enough to sit still and watch a movie. It didn't help that their idiot parents laughed at dramatic moments killing the mood further. But to top it off, they brought a baby into the movies. To cry. And cry. And cry some more. Is it to expensive to hire a baby sitter? Or to leave the child with a family member? Or you know, just don't go see the film at all so it doesn't ruin the movie for everybody else.

The mothers, who talked all the way through evidently didn't even care to see the movie. So why go? It's not like this is the first time this has happened to me, I'm use to teenagers coming into movies and mucking around, and I just don't understand it. Why go if you don't want to see the movie? Go somewhere else. The only explanation is that people who do this are either assholes, or completely lack any degree of social awareness.

Which brings me to The Lion King musical. $100 tickets. I looked forward to this for months. The Lion King being one of my all time favourite Disney films. So as I went into the theatre greatly looking forward to the show, I got anxious as a row of children shuffled in behind me. I thought to myself, there's plenty of children here. I'm sure they're all looking forward to it as much as I am. However, unfortunate as I am, I had the one kid behind me who obviously didn't. He was there with some school group. Before the show had even began he leaned down and screamed in between My Girlfriend and I. She instantly turned around and told him aggressively to sit down and be quiet. One of the adults came over and told him off too. And then the show started. And it was wonderful. My only minor complaint being that the young Kid who played Simba had a thick Australian accent which I found pretty distracting, but not as distracting as the kid behind me who proceeded to kick the back of my chair. I kept turning around and evil eying him and he stopped every now and again, until my girlfriend had to really tell him off and make him stop. I don't have it in me to be so confrontational, and when I'm pushed to that point, I would have been not so friendly about it. Of course, it couldn't have just been that.

Oh no. Some woman in front of us had brought her baby into the theatre so we all had to sit there and listen to it cry whilst the performance was on. Now this isn't as bad as Captain America. Maybe she'd hired a baby sitter, maybe they cancelled. Can't waste $100 tickets right? Captain America was $8, so if that happened just go another day? Wait for DVD even. So without circumstance I don't wanna be too rude but still, ruining the show for everyone else. She was asked to leave before halftime so I got to get to halftime peacefully. However, as the second half began the woman was back, crying baby and all, as she lifted her crying baby trying to settle it I could see the woman behind her moving her head trying to see the show. Eventually she was asked to leave and didn't return.

All I'd heard about The Lion King musical was that it was a magical experience, and yet, when I think back on it now all I can feel is rage. I payed $100 to have my ear screamed in by a punk young kid who proceeded to kick into the back of my chair and then had a crying baby to listen to for over half the performance.
I hate to spend a whole post bitching but I just ask, is this a world where etiquette is just being forgotten? Am I better of never going out to see anything anymore? Have any of you had similar experiences? And why do you believe this decline in behaviour should be accredited to?

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