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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Top 10 Disney (Animated) TV Shows

Hey guys, Steven here. Now although Disney has produced a wide range of shows, many of which would probably be mentioned if I hadn't seem them only as a child and thus only vaguely remembered them (such as shows like Gargoyles, DuckTales & Darkwing Duck) and as the original Mickey Mouse shorts (which are brilliant) are not technically a TV show, but rather a series of short animated features; they haven't been listed, and so I have compiled a list of what I believe to be Disney's Top 10 Animated Television Shows, and I will explain why:

#10 Marvel Comic Cartoons
Now a few years ago this wouldn't even be here, now maybe I should also list all the Star Wars TV Shows as well, but as Disney purchased Marvel I figured it should get a mention. From Cartoon films about The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman and all the rest of our favourite Superheroes *cough* DEADPOOL *cough* these cartoons should definitely get a call out. If you've watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the Agent's Of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show or read the comics, these shows are all definitely worth checking out. They're the pinnacle of Superhero animation and/or television.

#9 Hercules
Being a massive mythology buff, of course I was going to love this show. You take a young Hercules and you have him go around on adventures, featuring various creatures or myths from Greek mythology and fitting them into the fun Disney cartoon style. I mean, sure it doesn't actually follow the mythology, but if a lot of Disney movies did they'd be a lot more disturbing. The weird thing is I think I liked this show more than the movie, and I was a fan of that too. This series is worth watching alone for the cool Aladdin crossover episode.

#8 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Toy Story was obviously groundbreaking. Not just because of the digital animation quality, but the story and the characters, and the entire universe in which it was based. To create a cartoon TV Show based off of a toy from this universe, and to have the toy based of the character from the cartoon (have I lost you yet?) was a genius idea. You get the character who Buzz was meant to be, his story, the story of the world he was created to believe and in doing so get one of your favourite characters in his own little Science Fiction cartoon, and it was pretty awesome. Now they just need to make 'Woody's Roundup' into an actual show. Too infinity, and beyond!

#7 The Legend of Tarzan
If there's ever a good way to follow up a movie, it's with a TV Show, and with 24 Tarzan novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs (plus more by other authors), numerous movies, there was a lot to work with and new stories to tell given Disney's unique characters to the already massive franchise. But our jungle man is ever interesting to watch and with only 36 episodes (39 if you include Tarzan & Jane) this short lived show was a good one. If you've ever followed up Tarzan with the direct-to-video Tarzan & Jane (technically season 2) which showed the final 3 unaired Tarzan episodes in flashbacks while adding new animation to connect the story to bring the Disney's Tarzan to a satisfying conclusion. Although there's still that painful Midquel: 'Tarzan II'.

#6 Lilo and Stitch
Starting off with 'Stitch! The Movie' which sets up the premise for the television show we have a continuation and new story filled with a fun and family friendly Disney sci-fi. Although the timeline of this and the movies gets a bit wonky due to release dates (Lilo and Stitch 2 came out during the TV Series' run but was based before 'Stitch! The Move'. And then there's Leroy and Stitch that is meant as a film conclusion to the series and yet came out before the show had finished airing. But if you can get around that, it's great fun to watch. And who doesn't love Stitch?

#5 Aladdin
Needless to say, take one of Disney's most popular films with some of its most beloved characters and turn it into a show it's going to be good. 86 episodes of goodness. 87 if you count the crossover episode with Hercules. Set just after the events of The Return of Jafar this way another great, fun and entertaining TV installment from Disney (does it sound like I'm repeating myself here? Damn you Disney) again, concluded with a final film Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Evidently one of Disney's more popular shows. But can you blame it? It's Aladdin! There's a reason it's heading to Broadway soon! That would also be the same reason Agrabah keeps featuring in all the Kingdom Hearts games.

#4 Gravity Falls
Now this show is brilliant in its own right without relying on any Disney feature film or any other well known Disney icons. The show is akin to shows such as X-Files, Twin Peaks, Grimm and the Twilight Zone, though family friendly and has it own unique and funny-for-all-ages sort of humour, with great characters and an interesting story arc. This show is definitely an under-looked treasure, just about to begin it's second season I'd recommend catching up on it, because this show is a new classic.

#3 Jungle Cubs/TaleSpin
Now I listed these two TV shows under the same banner for obvious reason's: they're both Jungle Book related. TaleSpin is a great show, if you can suspend disbelief at Baloo piloting planes, I mean, it is a cartoon, and fantasy, but if you can resist not letting it ruin the original Jungle Book movie (which is possible if you watched the second film and still love the original) then it is a fun and entertaining show with some of your favourite Disney characters. Jungle Cubs however, was just great fun. Seeing our characters grow up together and have adventures in the Jungle before life sends them on their separate ways is somewhat creepy knowing how some of them turn out (Shere Khan), but it's also a fun show filled with good adventures and interesting insight into who they are. None of these shows have the dark tone of the original film but they're none-the-less great to watch and one of Disney's best TV Shows based off of a Disney feature film.

#2 Timon and Pumbaa
Now of all Disney's characters these two have to be ultimate favourites any given day of the week. So no surprise their TV Show had all the humour and laughs Timon and Pumbaa brought to The Lion King series of films. If there's anything to say about this show it's that 85 episodes wasn't enough. They should bring it back and keep it going it was that good. Although it didn't have that lavish epicness that the original Lion King had, and lacked the seriousness, anthropomorphising and cartooning it up a lot more we didn't care. How can you when you have these great characters messing around on adventures? Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze.

#1 The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Now I might be biased in this, and most people will say I am. Winnie the Pooh? Seriously? Well I friggin' LOVE Winnie the Pooh. I have a whole heap of the toy collectibles too I'm THAT cool. But with memorable characters getting up to crazy wacky adventures in The Hundred Acre Woods, with that basic child-like exploration mixed with imagination vibe to it, makes this show and unforgettable and instantly memorable piece of Disney. And that damn theme song! My childhood is filled with memories of this show. From that episode where Pooh gets stuck in a giant bubble. Do you guys even remember that? I do. I remember my Nan buying me and my brother ingredients to chuck together in the hope of making that bubble. The same ingredients used in the show. Needless to say it didn't work, and instead turned into some gooey and disgusting pile of... something. But it's a memory that's always stuck with me and to this day I still visualise the episode where Pooh gets stuck down the wishing well where he can wish for anything when I toss a coin into one. I also can't hear about 'The Land of Milk and Honey' now without thinking of Winnie the Pooh.

What do you think of my list? Are there any other shows you'd have in their place? What do you think are Disney's best animated TV Shows? Leave a message below and be sure to check back in for more Disney or Square-Enix updates! Or discuss it over at our FORUM.
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