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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

FLASH BACK! During 6th January - 16th February News!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, during these few weeks I've been busy with stuff, like organising an art exhibition for myself, selling my artworks, family commitments and going to conventions. Now that I have some free time, I'll do my best to give you guys and gals news about Kingdom Hearts, SQUARE-ENIX and Disney.

Australian Disney Movie Stars Film Festival!

Ok, our first story is that the Disney Movie Stars Film Festival is on again. The festival will be celebrate the magical timeless storytelling of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Your family can, dress up, sing along and enjoy Disney’s animated classics as they were made to be seen on the big screen. From a tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King to a modern day classic, Frozen.

Disney Movie Stars Film Festival will start from February 20th to March 13th 2016 at selected Event Cinemas.

Ichiro Hazama Is Interest In Continuing Theatrhytm!

In the New Year's issue of Nintendo Dream, Ichiro Hazama, producer of the Theatrhythm series stated in a message:

Ichiro Hazama - "Last year at this place, I said ‘we’ll keep continuing Theatrhythm from hereafter too!’. Well then, I wonder how about next year[‘s continuity]. Personally, I still want to continue, and everyday I have been devising various plans. I’m full with a feeling to do something to make it happen, so I’ll be glad if you can wait with anticipation..."

Till this day, the most recent entry being Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, which was released in Japan last year. If SQUARE-ENIX is looking to expand the Theatrhythm universe, Kingdom Hearts would be the next logical step.

However, if SQUARE-ENIX were to use the Kingdom Hearts series soundtrack, the Walt Disney Records may not allow SQUARE-ENIX to use the music, because of the brand Theatrhythm, which is not associated with Kingdom Hearts, even though SQUARE-ENIX created both of them.

Till this day, the Walt Disney Records still own all the rights to the Kingdom Hearts licensed soundtracks.

Unused Song Discovered In Kingdom Hearts II Code!

A YouTuber by the name of Keytotruth, has found a piece of content from the Kingdom Hearts II code. The unused song sounds very similar of the Final Fantasy IX theme Eyes to Eyes ("Stolen Eyes"). The instruments used are very different from the Final Fantasy IX version, suggesting this was used as a placeholder during its early development.

Some fans have speculated that the song was meant to play for Vivi, during his scenes or interactions in Kingdom Hearts II.

NEW! The Jungle Book Official Big Game Trailer 2016!

Shown during the Super Bowl 50, was a full trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney's The Jungle Book. What do you guys think of this trailer?

The Jungle Book will hit theatres in 3D on April 15th, 2016.

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV Event!

During the Active Time Report on Youtube, Hajime Tabata director of Final Fantasy XV, and marketing manager Akio Ofuji, announced information about a Final Fantasy XV event called "Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV", which will be held on March 30th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California US.

There has been speculation that SQUARE-ENIX will announce a date for Final Fantasy XV.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Announces Arrival Of Ramza!

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics are glad to hear that gameplay footage and images of Ramza in Dissidia Final Fantasy have been released. Ramza has been expected to land in Dissidia Final Fantasy for a long time now, with his inclusion in the game first revealed back in 2015.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is currently only available in Arcades in Japan, with reports of new characters being added every 1.5 – 2 months with a planned roster of over 50 characters from the Final Fantasy series.

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