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Monday, 11 April 2016

Is 'Once Upon a Time' a Good Show? - And Other Questions!

It's a question I've been asking since I started watching the show. Is it any good? It was the huge influx of live action remakes of classic animated Disney films that prompted this post. Once Upon a Time started as a unique show, with a weird mixture of being wonderfully good, and poorly underdone. I first decided to watch the show for two reasons.

Reason 1. I was a fan of 'Lost', and with two of the writers I thought the show would have a unique and interesting story that kept you on your toes.

Reason 2. I have a love of fairytales and enjoy the twists and complexity of those fictional typical characters been brought into our corrupt serious world.

The show started well, with a mysterious story slowly unravelling and revealing pieces bit by bit. The show had little Disney references and some easter eggs but was never 'What if Disney was in real life' like the later seasons became. Dedicating whole episodes to show characters from the Disney films in live action rather than focusing on retelling and reshaping the original tales isn't that big a deal. Hell, for some people it's part of the draw of the show. This can be a good thing. I was beginning to feel like I would stop watching by season 3. I found the whole 'Wizard of Oz' and Wicked Witch story to be awfully done. I found the story to be already told numerous times (oh another introduced character related to another character, this has only been done a thousand time already in the show *cough* Peter Pan *cough* and throughout the whole of Lost), and when I found they were going to do a whole half season on Frozen, a recent movie that had exploded into popularity I almost lost my shit in frustration. I felt the show had been cheapened and really was about to give up.

However I decided to keep watching. To my surprise the story ended up being really good. They filled in some back story for Frozen linking it in well with the main story and providing some back story for Emma.

After an interesting opportunity about the 'Author' we find Merlin, have a backstory about the Dark Ones, and have NONE of our questions answered before moving onto a shitty story and pumping our faces filled with more Disney references.

So is the show any good? Sometimes. At it's best it's brilliant. At it's worst it's an atrocious monstrosity that makes me question why in the hell (or hades) I'm even still watching. But have your say in the comments below!

Which brings me to the live action Disney remakes. Are they necessary? Do they build anything or give anything or are they even good enough to account for, well, essentially remaking them all from the list I've seen of the ones coming out. But it also begs the question, with 'Once Upon a Time' Once Upon a Timing Disney, and Disney, Live Actioning all its films we have to remember that a lot of Disney films are based on fairy tales, or other original source materials. So when Disney originally 'Disneyfied' (I know this is all a mouthful) these stories, like The Fox and the Hound, how did fans of the originals feel.

Have any of you went and read the source material and how did you find them?

Comment below and feel free to discuss. Or head over to our forum and start discussing things there! I'll write again soon! - Steven

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