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Friday, 28 February 2014

Final Fantasy-themed Wedding In The Philippines!

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Hi everyone it's Xebs, in very interesting news, newly weds Charlene Datan and Choi Elegadio from the Philippines, had one theme in mind that they really wanted for their special day. They wanted to cosplay as non-other then Final Fantasy characters for their wedding, the hugely popular RPG from Japan.

The wedding video.

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Charlene quotes: “Final Fantasy was the common ground in our relationship. We would talk about Final Fantasy VIII and Choi introduced me to its other series which got me hooked too!”
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But wedding planners gave blank stares when the couple broached to them their idea of the wedding, so Charlene said she had to take charge and find people who could help turn their Final Fantasy theme into reality. She managed to find a couturier to dress her as a White Mage. Charlene’s couturier also did Choi’s suit and the entourage’s dresses. She even had a craftsman do their weapon accessories and had the musicians play orchestral music from the game series. 

When they told their respective families they planned to do cosplay during the wedding, the elders were ecstatic, according to Charlene, they were really excited to wear costumes of their favourite characters on their wedding

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Charlene quotes: "My mother loves Alice in Wonderland and really liked Tim Burton's version,” she said.

“My father and I are fans of Star Wars so he decided to go as Darth Vader (who is literally my father!). My oldest sister loves Star Trek: The Next Generation so she decided to wear the Captain's uniform.”

Choi’s mum came in her Queen-Mother gown, and his sisters “agreed to be Veelas” as part of Charlene’s entourage. Asked how would the couple name their children, Charlene said she thinks the names would come “from our own created characters” from another RPG game, the online hit Ragnarok.

"Hope they have a beautiful life together." - Xebs

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