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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why Disney's "The Little Mermaid 3D" ISN'T CANCELLED!

Hi everyone it's Xebs! Now, there has been a lot and I mean a lot of rumours saying that "The Little Mermaid in 3D" won't be coming to Cinemas worldwide in September, due to the low box office hits of "Beauty and the Beast", "Finding Nemo" and "Monsters INC.". I personally think that the rumours are "not true" I found no evidence that shows that Disney has cancelled the most beloved Disney classic of all time. Why do I think it's A LIE!

Think about it… all the publishers from and other pages say that they "reportedly" heard the news from some unknown sources. There are other publishers that say that the Walt Disney Studios has cancelled the movie due to the Low-box Office, but there is no trace of Disney quoting on this matter. What even made it more confusing is that the DVD release of "Wreck-It-Ralph" has a trailer and a small pamphlet which contains a pamphlet of whats coming out soon… 

...and behold an advertisement for the "The Little Mermaid 3D", but people would say that it's a mistake and that it was meant for the Blu-Ray 3D addition of the movie. Personally I think that someone out there has just made up a very good excuse on why "it should get cancelled" and by "chinese whispers" the message has gone and grown all around the web. But, the biggest question is how would it do at the Box-Office, if it was re-released, my thoughts are… for the last Disney movie to be re-release their are good reasons on why it would do well. "The Little Mermaid" was recognised as the new chapter for Disney Animation, its ever popular rides and franchises at the Walt Disney theme parks. Also the new up coming movie "Frozen" is a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, based off the Snow Queen, it would be a great tribute for the man who created "The Little Mermaid" to have a release on the same year as "Frozen". 

And last but not least, I've even contacted the official Disney Australia & New Zealand Facebook page and they quote:

Meaning that nothing has been confirmed about the cancellation of "The Little Mermaid 3D" in Australia or New Zealand. "The Little Mermaid" will released on Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D and DVD on October 1st 2013... and hopefully in September at the movies.

So what do you guys think? Am I ranting about complete rubbish? Or am I right on so many levels? Write your comments down below…

Ohh… and if anyone has an "OFFICIAL WALT DISNEY STATEMENT" saying that its actually cancelled, please send it to me via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks.

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