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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NEW! Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy -Curtain Call-!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, JUMP! magazine has released an article of the new squeal Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy -Curtain Call- from the definitive version of the original release of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy.
Theatrhythm is a rhythm-based RPG that compiles the music, characters, and scenes of the Final Fantasy series into one title. Released on Nintendo 3DS 2012, the game had a subsequent debut on iOS with new characters and a few new songs to play. Curtain Call will return to the Nintendo 3DS, with 60 new characters of its own. Here’s a few on the scan.

  • Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0) 
  • Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII) 
  • Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV) 
  • Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics) 
  • Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2) 
  • Benjamin (Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

The music of Final Fantasy XIV will also make it into Theatrhythm at long last, and the game will include a Versus mode where you can presumably challenge other players’ performances on a song. New enemies such as a Magitek Armor unit from Final Fantasy VI are in the works as well. The game will have over 200 songs available to players, including upcoming songs in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The game is currently scheduled for a Spring 2014 release, and maybe revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2013.
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