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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Why Disney Brings The Best Out Of All Of Us - Mickey Gives A Blind Man A Glimmer Of Happiness & An Autistic Man A Voice!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, the other day, I came across a video on Facebook. The video is about a blind 21-year-old man from Brazil, who went to one of the Disney theme parks. 

At the theme-park, he and his family met the iconic Mickey Mouse. Mickey then guided the man to walk closer to him, later speaks to him in Brazilian, he next feels Mickey's face, then after gives Mickey a big hug along with his mother. 

One of the relatives responded with a quote on Facebook (Google translate) — "I adopted the technique of living life one miracle at a time!" The day today is being very special and this moment will never be forgotten. ❤️ And no one was able to withhold their tears! Mickey Mouse teaching us that what is basic is invisible to the eye..."

Without a doubt, this video made me tear up a bit. The reasons why I think that, is because of the idea of Disney becoming something more than just a company making a profit or gain, but something that gives hope and happiness to people whether their blind, autistic  homosexual, mental or physical disabled and etc.

This leads to my next story of a severe Autistic man, Owen Suskind, who  was a child who loved to watched many Disney movies. As time went on, he had developed a method of communication by remembering the quotes from  Disney films. 

Here's an interview with Owen and his family presented by ABC's Good Morning America shown on July 1st, 2016.

Again, this video had made me cry, the messages, the iconic quotes,  from these classic movies is what helps these people in their struggles in life. Without that glimmer of support and hope, the world would drown in their sorrow and disbelieve, for those people who have a disability or who just want that ideology of succeeding to reach their goal in life.

...And this is coming from a man who has a form of Autism, known as Asperger syndrome. Yes, I, Xebs has Asperger syndrome. I was diagnosed at the age of 7-years-old, I had many up and downs and turnarounds. But what has truly made me the person I am today is thanks to Disney. The strong men, women and sidekicks in scenarios of adventure, loss, love, bravery, hope, laughter and etc. are scenarios that have inspired me to become the better person I am today.

Just a side note, the amount of Youtube videos praising Disney on this particular social media site is very low. Constantly, you're bombarded with videos like "Top 10 Disturbing Things About Disney" or "Top 10 Shocking Facts About Disney". Just to be clear, it's ok to make lists like this. However, there's no equalisation or counter video that provides positive information on what Disney has contributed, to those like the blind Brazilan man or Owen Suskind. 

An addition, Kingdom Hearts has made me even a greater person. With its ideas of friendship, defeating the "heartless" [person] to reach your goal, the fight between yourself (the light and darkness), saying I'm a person, not a "nobody", but someone who does exist and has emotions and feelings. So many ways you can interpret the Kingdom Hearts series, however, this is what I gathered from the story and ideas. 

What do you guys think? Does Disney or Kingdom Hearts bring the best out of you as a person? Write your comments down below:

Update: The blind 21-year-old man is named, Basílio Santana. 
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