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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hi everyone it's Xebs! Shocking news, Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been announced at the E3 expo, right after the showing of Final Fantasy Verse XIII and now changed to "Final Fantasy XV".

The trailer shows Tetsuya Nomura in the introduction, then a small timeline of the past Kingdom Hearts games, they then show Master's Erauqs' Keyblade washed up on the shore of Destiny Islands and Sora looking confused when picking up the keyblade. Then the title "Kingdom Hearts 3", then a swarm of Shadow Heartless attacking Sora in Twilight Town and then ends with the title "In development".

(I nearly wet my pants when watching the Sony announcements and at the same time nearly crying. It has been nearly 8 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 and it has been a magical ride!)

...and so many questions:

  • Which worlds?
  • What theme-song?
  • Who do you play as?
  • When is the release date? (I think 2017 for it's 15th Anniversary)
  • and many more...

Before the Kingdom Hearts 3 development trailer, they showed the trailer for the new and improved Final Fantasy Verse XIII, which is now Final Fantasy XV. I personally don't want to go into detail, but the Trailer looks amazing.

I think Final Fantasy maybe released in 2015?

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