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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fantasia: Music Evolved! Hit or Miss?

Hi everyone it's Xebs! Disney Interactive Studio and Harmonix have just shown the new Disney game "Fantasia: Music Evolved" for Kinect on Xbox 360 and Xbox One! But will it be a hit or a miss?

Concept Art of Yen Sid.
  1. Music: The music is way, way to new to be associated with "Fantasia", with "Fantasia" its music without the words or vocals. Only music instruments from the Classical era to the late Jazz of music.
  1. Xbox One: for the first Disney game for the Xbox One... its a risky move, it can sell very well or it can end up like "Epic Mickey 2". 
  1. Harmonix and Disney: Personally I don't like the company 
  2. Harmonix I don't like "Rock Band" or the other games that they've released, I just hope Disney know what they're doing.

The Fantasia: Music Evolved announcement trailer on Youtube has been overhauled with Dislikes and comments which are shameful and offensive, within the last 24 hours. The trailer shows a very new "groovy" out look on Disney's "Fantasia" (which was released in 1940 and "Fantasia 2000" in 1999). The aim of the game is to become Master Yen Sid's new sorcerers apprentice and help Master Yen Sid to conduct music. 

Personally, the video has a number of problems.
Personally I don't know, the trailer look very nice, but the song done by Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven, really lost me for words.

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