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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Disney Presents "Magical Movie Month" with Jasmine, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Tiana and Ariel!

Hi everyone it's Xebs! Disney has just announced (another) movie marathon including the Disney Princesses, also what we have all been waiting for, the re-release of "The Little Mermaid" to Australian cinemas.

Yes, the Disney Australia & New Zealand | The Official Home of Disney Down Under has announced that their doing another Disney Princess marathon, which began early this year. The cinemas which will be showing this movies are most likely Hoyts and Event Cinemas. The movies that will be showing are Aladdin, Tangled, Cinderella, The Princess and the Frog and the newest inclusion, the re-release of The Little Mermaid, but unfortunately Pocahontas and Mulan will not be include this marathon unlike the first marathon.

 Here are the dates and times that the movies will be showing. 

I'm very happy that The Little Mermaid will be showing...

Here is the website that you can pre-order your tickets:
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