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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hope Returns in Lightning Returns and more outfit shots!

Hi everyone it's Xebs! SQUARE-ENIX has just announced the return of Hope for Lightning Returns, he is one of the protagonists from Final Fantasy XIII. Also scene shots of Lightning in her "Cloud" outfit and another outfit.

Hope Estheim will return in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, as we’ve known for some time in various trailers and media releases. But up until now we had yet to see his face or know exactly where he is as he assists Lightning in her journey. Via Famitsu, we learn that Hope is now holed up in an Ark within Bhunivelze, the Cocoon-like replacement he had built during over the expanse of Final Fantasy XIII-2′s timeline.

Strangely, Hope resembles his Final Fantasy XIII design more than his XIII-2 version, aside from his scarf having a different colour and pattern. Hope will give Lightning a chance to restock her supplies and recover for the day ahead, and it’s a place where you can “take a breather” from the events in Nova Chrysalia. 

Every day at 6:00am, Lightning can receive quests from Hope that will extend the time left before Doomsday. Lightning starts out the game with seven days left, but can increase that to a maximum of thirteen through her deeds. This also restores power to Yggdrasil, a “holy tree of life” which gives the world more time left before the end. Clear more quests from Hope and the brighter/stronger Yggdrassil will become.

Lightning's New Samurai outfit?

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