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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

GameTrailers Countdown of Kingdom Hearts "Worlds We Want To See" and my rant...

Hi everyone it's Xebs! GameTrailers, the site which has given us a great Kingdom Heats timeline has just released a video of "Worlds [We] Want To See" in Kingdom Hearts 3. To see my opinion click down below.

As I was looking through Facebook, I came across a GameTrailers post about Kingdom Hearts. As I was reading this post they talked about wanting Star Wars and Marvel Worlds to be included into the Kingdom Hearts universe. 

I WAS GOBSMACKED... by the post and the video. Sure I like the idea of Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, Toy Story, Duck Tale, Wreck-it-Ralph and The Incredibles (which personally I wasn't to fond of The Incredibles being in the KH universethey are great Disney films with great potential to be in Kingdom Hearts 3, but then they were all about The Muppets, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and Marvel even including Sonic, because he was in the movie "Wreck-it-Ralph".... NO NO NO NO NO! 

NO, NO, NO, NO!!! this isn't Kingdom Hearts.

Because Disney owns them doesn't mean that SQUARE-ENIX should use them, especially in Kingdom Hearts 3. The main Studios which have a long running history with Disney and that Disney built up are: Disney Animation, Film and Television, Pixar, Touchstone Pictures (because of The Nightmare Before Christmas) and SQUARE-ENIX... no more, no less.

Even the admin Chad made great lists of "What Should be in Kingdom Hearts 3", which included Disney, Square-Enix and Pixar.

I am really disappointed with this countdown, and they made such a wonderful timeline video and we get this crap... I do (in a way) respect peoples opinions, but this countdown was a fail. I just hope SQUARE-ENIX won't change the chemistry of Kingdom Hearts.

Link to the video is here:

What do you guys and gals think? Please comment down below:
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