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Monday, 13 April 2015

Final Fantasy Characters Join Puzzle & Dragons!

Hi everyone it's Xebs, Puzzle & Dragons, a popular puzzle video game with elements of RPGs and strategy games, developed by GungHo EntertainmentHas collaborated with SQUARE-ENIX and will feature Final Fantasy characters from the series.

Though the game was announced in February, more information has been revealed during these upcoming months.

Final Fantasy Puzzle & Dragons will be coming to mobile devices this Fall in Japan.

A list Final Fantasy characters who have been confirmed for the game, that are down below:

Final Fantasy:

Final Fantasy II:
-Emperor Meteus

Final Fantasy III:
-Cloud of Darkness

Final Fantasy IV: 

Final Fantasy V:
-Neo Exdeath

Final Fantasy VI:

Final Fantasy VII:

-Cloud Strife
-[? ? ?] 

Final Fantasy VIII:
-Squall Leonhart
-Rinoa Heartilly 

Final Fantasy IX:

-Zidane Tribal

-Vivi Ornitier 

Final Fantasy X:


Final Fantasy Type-0:

Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal:

Mobius Final Fantasy:
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