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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Once Upon A Rape!

Hey guys, Steven here. Now I know this blog is for Kingdom Hearts, SquareEnix and Disney, and this post is related to TV Series 'Once Upon a Time' specifically Season 4 Episode 20. Titled 'Lily'. Now I know Once Upon a Time isn't Disney, but with the way the show is going (a whole story arc on Frozen?) as well as numerous other specific Disney characters at might as well be.
It's Lost's answer to Disney/Fairytales.

Now, if you're a fan of the show or plan on watching it and don't wish for any spoilers I suggest stopping readying now. Or to put it bluntly; SPOILER ALERT.

Now we can continue.

So in the latest episode of Once Upon a Time it was revealed that Marian was actually Zelena (the Wicked Witch) unbeknownst to Robin Hood. Having tricked him, she is now pregnant with his child (whether this is a lie or not is yet to be revealed). This plot point created a massive controversy online. Angering fans about the depiction of 'rape' in the 'child friendly' series.

Now, I don't argue for a second it was rape. He was tricked and deceived and that's what it was. But similar fantasy situations present themselves all the time. Hell. It happened not to long ago in an episode of another current fairytale TV Series I watch call 'Grimm'. It happened in the mythology of King Arthur for his conception, for the conception of his son Mordred as well. Hell, it happens in the original story of Sleeping Beauty. The original fairytales were dark, so having this shocking horrible thing happen on a TV Series that also shows Cruella actually murdered the Dalmatians (albeit not on screen) and turning them into a jacket I don't understand where the shock an outrage is coming from.

Season One depicted Prince Charming under Regina's curse sleeping with a woman he didn't love because he didn't know who he was, had he been in his right might that never would have happened. The show started like this, having disturbing things happening to beloved fairytale characters thrust into the real world. It's one of the things that made the show genuinely interesting for me. I have felt this season has gotten back on track to the tone of the show and its mystery and intrigue, while back in season 3 I almost stopped watching.

(Incomprehensible I know)

Anyway I just felt like I needed to share some thoughts on the subject. We'd love to hear your opinions on this. So feel free to comment underneath or join and message on our own forum at:

Thanks guys!
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